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Rainbow Lifelong Learning Institute Boston

A Community of Lifelong Learning

The Rainbow Lifelong Learning Institute Boston offers Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender seniors and friends the opportunity to build and strengthen community through educational programs and social activities.

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Join us for our Spring 2018 Meet and Greet!

Tuesday, February 27


Hear from our instructors about our upcoming semester.

Meet or reconnect with other LGBT community members and their friends.

Light refreshments will be served.  Bring your lunch if you’d like. 


rainbow bar

Browse Our Spring 2018 Course Schedule

Our Spring 2018 Courses include:

Two 5 week courses will run each Tuesday for the first half of the semester, March 13 – April 10

Breaking Out of Cultural Constraints, Part 2 All cultures come with hidden constraints and assumptions. Arm yourself with knowledge of where and how to break down these barriers.

Love, Politics, and Betrayal: Reading Angels in America Join us to deconstruct Tony Kushner’s most famous play on the 25th anniversary of its Broadway debut.


Two 5 week courses will run each Tuesday for the second half of the semester,  April 24 – May 22

Games People Play Learn some new games, plus relive the classics. Join us for 5 weeks of fun!

Enrollment limited to 16.

TED Talks Come hear and discuss a new round of "Ideas Worth Spreading."

Topics include

What makes us happy
Living to 100
The power and courage of vulnerability 
The evolution of human sexuality 
Being comfortable with being uncomfortable 

Read about our Spring 2018 courses.

Read about our Spring 2018 Brown Bag speakers series.

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Read about our Spring 2018 Brown Bag Speakers Series.

Check out our Spring 2018 courses!

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