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Rainbow Lifelong Learning Institute Boston

Adult Education and Lifelong Learning for Boston's LGBT Seniors and Friends!

All Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender seniors and friends are welcome to register for Rainbow Lifelong Learning Institute Boston courses!

Spring 2021 Courses Update

In response to COVID-19, Rainbow has made the following changes in order to continue our programming in a safe and effective manner:

We are using a new on-line registration website to provide detailed information about all our courses.

As always, if you have questions or experience problems please contact us at RainbowLLIBoston@gmail.com


**All Our Spring Classes will be held on Zoom**

Spring 2021 Rainbow Courses

Session 1 on Tuesdays: 5 Week Morning Class

March 9 - April 6

Tuesdays 10:30am - 12pm

Fat Surprises – Nutrition in the 21st century

Course Leader: Leah Ziph-Schatzberg
Enrollment Limit: 15

NutritionWhy are Americans getting fatter and sicker? What can we do about it?

What is the history of nutrition advice in the last century? How is the food industry influencing nutritional research and guidelines? How do the guidelines impact the food industry?

Is saturated fat bad for us? What are vegetable oils? Is sugar bad for us? How about artificial sweeteners?

If you are curious about any of these, let’s talk about all these topics and more, as we explore the history and recent findings in nutrition.


Session 2 on Tuesdays: 5 Week Morning Class

April 20 - May 18

Tuesdays 10:30am - 12pm

The Future is Now: 

An Introduction to Key New Technologies

Course Leader: David Rooks
Enrollment Limit: 15Future Is Now

Technology innovation seems to increase at an ever rapid pace. Every day we hear about new technologies that promise to revolutionize our lives, yet most of us don’t really know anything about them.

This course provides a high-level introductory overview of: 5G Cellular, WiFi 6, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin), and Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, deep learning, neural networks).

The course does not assume students have prior knowledge about the technologies covered.

The goals of this class include enabling students to: be comfortable discussing these innovations, understand and evaluate related articles in the popular press, and develop a point of view regarding their potential impacts.

Please note, since the course is intended to introduce students to new concepts and technologies, instruction is primarily lecture with optional readings provided.


Sessions 1 & 2 on Tuesdays: 10 Week Afternoon Classes

Session 1: March 9 - April 6


Session 2: April 20 - May 18

April 13: Intersession (No Class)

While the below class is scheduled for 10 weeks, students may take them for either or both sessions.

The second session class is not a repeat of the first one.

Tuesdays 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Amazon All Stars:  Lesbian Plays

Course Leader: Jyl Lynn Felman
Enrollment Limit: 12

The course will include discussion and reading out loud scenes from the assigned plays. We will read one play a week or a play over two weeks, depending on the length.

We’ll read ten terrific playwrights including Maria Irene Fornes, Joan Lipkin, Megan Terry, Jane Chambers and Paula Vogel.

With brilliant language and cutting -edge scripts on taboo topics, these plays will astound you.

We will use the intersecting lens of race, class, gender, and sexuality to unravel these amazing works.


While the below class is scheduled for 10 weeks, students may take them for either or both sessions.

The second session class is not a repeat of the first one.

Tuesdays 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Romantic Plus: A Musical Adventure

Romantic Period Orchestra

Course Leader: Liz Diamond
No Enrollment Limit

The class is designed to share some of the most beloved pieces of the Romantic period (19th century), with a smattering of selections from Baroque, Classical and 20th century.

NO prior musical knowledge necessary for enrollment. The goal is to inspire you to have a better understanding and (thus) more enjoyment of the available treasure trove of Romantic music!

We will listen together with specific learnings, giving you tools to be able to find more pieces on your own that you love. Questions and class discussion encouraged!

Optional assignment: oral presentation about a piece you love. Musical resources will be provided


Wednesday Class: New for Spring 2021

Sessions 1 & 2 on Wednesdays: 10 Week Afternoon Class

Session 1: March 10 - April 7


Session 2: April 21 - May 19

April 14: Intersession (No Class)

Students must take the below 10 week course for both sessions.

Wednesdays 1:00 - 2:30pm

Write On Zoom! A Prose Writing Workshop

Sue KatzProse with Puppy
Enrollment Limited to 8

This class will be a small group of prose writers who want to take their work to the next level. A variety of approaches to writing and feedback will be used, starting with a short warm-up exercise. Then a longer chunk of time will be devoted to focusing on a piece of writing.

For this you can either select (as many as you choose) from the three varied prompts the instructor will provide or you can concentrate on an ongoing piece of writing (book/essay/story/etc.) that you have been working on outside or inside class. Finally, volunteers will read up to 500 words of their work, and we will offer feedback.

Scholarships are available

Rainbow makes scholarships available to those who would otherwise be unable to afford our courses. To request a scholarship please email us at RainbowLLIBoston@gmail.com

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