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Rainbow Lifelong Learning Institute Boston

Brown Bag Speakers Series Update

While Rainbow is conducting classes via Zoom the Brown Bag program is suspended.  With online classes running throughout the day on Tuesday there really isn’t time for a speaker series, not to mention that most people would want to give their eyes a break and perhaps have some quiet time for lunch.

We will continue the Brown Bag program during the off times when classes are not being offered - during the summer and winter break, perhaps during the week between sessions.  Information about these programs will be emailed to all on our mailing list, and will continue to be free.

When we are back to providing in person classes we expect to resume the Brown Bag speakers between classes so people putting in the time to participate on site can experience a full program if they like.

In the meantime, yea for Zoom, our lives are much richer during this pandemic to be able to gather and share programs online.

Feel free to forward ideas for Brown Bag programs, either Zoom or in person, to the Rainbow Board at RainbowLLIBoston@gmail.com

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