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Peg Walsh

Peg Walsh was one of the original founders of Rainbow Lifelong Learning. She was the chairperson of the Curriculum Committee for 8 years and oversaw the growth and development of Rainbow.

Peg holds a MA and a PhD from Duquesne University and she was a Professor of Philosophy for more than 30 years. During her academic career she received 2 sabbaticals to support her research. The first sabbatical was at the Hastings Center where she undertook research and publications on reproductive research. The second was her research and publication at Brandeis focusing on transgender studies. For several years she was also the chair of the Humanities Department at Bradford College.
The year that Peg retired was the year that Rainbow sowed its seeds of existence. There was a reciprocal relationship here, Rainbow benefited from her experience in program and curriculum development and Peg benefited through her participation in creating and educational and social environment where LGBT seniors can learn and thrive with others.

Peg Walsh
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