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Rainbow students enjoying one of our many courses

What students think of our courses

From classes in GENDER STUDIES

"Enjoyed learning about how my journey intersected with and was influenced by these movements."

"Yes! I felt fully engaged, especially in the class dealing with feelings, human connections, a difficult topic."

From classes in MUSIC

"Liz’s preparation was amazing. She had obviously spent many many hours choosing sublime snippets from dozens and dozens of Bach’s creations. She offered wonderful tastes that we then could listen to in full on our own."

"Excellent structure; thought-provoking discussion; superb class facilitation."

From classes in SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

"I loved the range of topics and the depth the instructor took us to. It was a survey of topics and yet there wasn't any superficiality. And because these were complicated topics, I really appreciated the instructor's willingness to add a 1/2 hour of extra discussion after each class. Plus all the extra resources he provided."

"The instructors were very knowledgeable and presented understandable information (or they explained and made it understandable). I came out knowing far more than I did when I started the course. Classroom participation was wonderful, active, and encouraged."

From classes in SELF-HELP and MOVEMENT

"It challenged some of my old ideas about nutrition, and reinforced and added more information to some of my other ideas. There were also good videos and slides and interesting presentation and discussion. Students were welcome to make any comments or ask any questions."

"I found choosing a habit that needed improvement & being able to learn skills to do so, very valuable. Also, interacting with others with matching tendencies to see how they react to circumstances."

From classes in SOCIAL JUSTICE

"It certainly engaged me, very thought provoking."

"Although I was aware of various immigration related data points, this course really helped me link them together and thereby gain a more comprehensive and contextualized understanding of the subject."  

"It made me thankful for women who came before me and fought for my rights. It always impresses me the experience and knowledge of my fellow classmates."

From classes in THEATRE

"I loved being able to connect with people who shared my interest in Sondheim. The class was the highlight of my week - discussion, presentation, sharing ideas and thoughts."

"I read plays by women/lesbians I had never heard of, with one exception - and I have read a LOT of plays. What pleased me most was the engaged and smart group of women led by an amazing and talented teacher."

From classes in WRITING

"The feedback was honest and extremely helpful. Also, I was impressed with many of the writers and learned by listening to what they wrote and how they wrote it."

"I learned a lot more about what makes a good story. It was fun!"

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